Businesses are in place in all three towns. Additionally, there are several more towns currently considering involvement! Check back often to find out more!


Welcome to The Trilogy Of Metals

welcome to Jerome

Welcome to the Trilogy of Metals website! We are still under construction but you will be able to see participating businesses and learn additional information about the project. The Trilogy is about exploring the facinating mining towns of the American West

Sponsored by the Jerome Historical Society as a way to promote tourism in the struggling historic mining towns that are spread across this great country, the Trilogy is a challenge to get you to see what made America great and earn some awards for your adventures!

Each of the towns that participate in the Trilogy of Metals Challenge is designated a GOLD, SILVER or COPPER town after the primary metal that was mined in that location. Most mining towns were known for a specific metal, even if more than one was mined there.

Here is how it works. First get your “passport” at the visitors center or other designated location of the participating town. The “passport’ is your record of accomplishments within the challenge, of which there are four things you need to do in each town you visit.

Next, look for the Trilogy of Metals logo decal in the window of the business in that town you wish to visit to insure that they participate in the program, if they do, you know you will be able to get your passport stamped there once you complete the transaction. Remember, you need to spend the night, eat a meal, visit a museum and spend a few bucks at a local retail shop in order to complete that towns portion of the challenge. Do this in a gold town , silver town and copper town and you will have earned your award in the Trilogy of Metals Challenge!

After you complete your passport, just send it in to the Jerome Historical Society at the address listed on the back page of the passport and within four to six weeks your beautifully crafted award will arive at your address.

The challenge is for you to visit the great historic mining towns located throughout the United States and earn rewards while learning something about the great history of this country.

The Trilogy of Metals Award.
trilogy of metals award

Each participating town has had a unique challenge coin struck to represent that community. Be it a gold, silver or copper colored coin, based on the primary metal mined by the respective town, each has a design unique to the community on one side and the Trilogy of Metals logo on the other. The three coins from the towns you visited are then set in a beautiful wood plaque with a brass plate engraved with your name and the date you completed the challenge. The coins mounted in the plaque can each be removed to show to others or enjoy yourself. These coins cannot be purchased, only those completing the challenge will have the opportunity to own these coins!